BJJ-and-the-Art-of-Asking-Questions-Rolles-Gracie-AcademyAt some point during a BJJ class, usually after demonstrating a technique, your instructor will probably ask if there are any questions. Asking questions will help you learn, plus it shows that you’re listening and engaged. But not all questions are the same; there are good questions and not-so-good questions. In BJJ, there is a bit of an “art” to asking questions.

The Art of Asking Questions

Be specific.

When you ask a question, try to be as specific as possible. A question like, “How do I get better at BJJ?” may not be well-received. And you probably won’t get a helpful response. Instead, think about your martial arts practice and what you want to improve. Once you’ve narrowed that down, think about the skills you need to work on. If you know one of those skills is a weakness, use this information to form your question. Then you’ll have something specific to ask your instructor, and they’ll be able to provide an answer that is more effective and helps you learn.

Time your questions appropriately.

No matter where a demonstration takes your mind, always avoid asking a question that’s completely unrelated to what your instructor just showed the class. Also, hold off on asking questions until you’ve attempted a technique. Most of the time, you’ll end up answering your own question or figuring things out by working through a move. But, if you’ve attempted the technique and are still stuck, then it’s probably a good time to ask for some assistance.

Listen and put the answer into practice.

If you ask a question, make sure you listen carefully and attentively to the answer. And once you have a response, it’s time to put that information to use. Ask, listen, and then put the answer into practice. If you don’t understand the response after trying it out, ask a follow-up question.

A good BJJ instructor will love questions. And if you ask a question that’s not really helpful, they might tell you that it doesn’t apply. Don’t let this response keep you from asking more questions in the future. You might just need to work on the art of asking good questions.

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