BJJ isn’t something that you do once and then cross off your bucket list. Instead, it’s a lifelong journey. Some students figure out how to stick with it, and others move on to other pursuits.

If you plan on sticking with BJJ, know that your mindset plays a big role in your experience. So here are a few suggestions on how to create an effective BJJ training mindset:

Use your time wisely.

One part of an effective BJJ training mindset is to use your time wisely. Most BJJ classes are structured similarly. You begin with a warm-up, practice drills, observe a demo, and then practice applying your skills by sparring with a partner. Remember that class starts with the warm-up, not sparring. So use the time before sparring wisely.

Keep an open mind.

Another part of creating an effective training mindset is to keep an open mind. No matter how long you’ve been training BJJ, there is always more to learn and practice. Never assume that you have everything, or even a single element, all figured out. There is always more to practice and master in the future.


Focus on the process.

Many times, BJJ students will set martial arts goals but then never achieve them. The cause? Many times, it’s because a student loses track of the process. To reach a long-term goal, there has to be a plan in place to get you to the desired outcome. Without focusing on the process, there is no path to success.

Learn from the bad days.

As much as you probably want every training session and class to be great, that’s not a realistic expectation. Your BJJ journey is going to include mistakes, failures, and setbacks. And your reaction to these bad days plays a part in your future success. So it would help if you learned to overcome frustration or disappointment to take something positive from the bad days.

Believe in your effort.

One of the most valuable life skills that comes from BJJ is self-confidence. As you tackle new skills and belt levels, you’re also developing mental skills that positively impact your daily life. BJJ teaches you to believe in your effort – that you are capable of more than you might have thought. Believe in your effort and believe in yourself.

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