BJJ-Leads-to-Personal-Growth-Rolles-Gracie-AcademyPersonal growth is an ongoing and lifelong pursuit. There are many ways to invest in personal growth, including physical activities like martial arts.

BJJ training benefits both your body and mind and is a huge contributor to personal development. Here are some of the ways that BJJ leads to your personal growth:

1. Physical Improvement

One element of personal growth that BJJ contributes to is improvements to your physical health. Even if changes to your health and fitness aren’t your primary goals for practicing martial arts, these physical improvements will still positively affect your lifestyle. As you gain strength and fitness on the mats, you can take this physical strength and endurance to other areas of your life.

2. Greater Self-Confidence

A BJJ practice is a significant contributor to increases in your self-confidence. The more you challenge yourself in your training, the more you can see your hard work and effort pay off. This sense of accomplishment leads to increases in your level of confidence.

3. Discipline and Consistency

Personal growth involves changing old habits and establishing new ones. These new habits come from discipline and commitment. When you approach your BJJ training with a disciplined and committed mindset, you’re more likely to create a consistent routine. Consistency then leads to future improvements. Seeing the effect of consistency in martial arts can then drive you to use a similar approach in other areas of life.

4. Emotional Management

Some days when stress levels are high, your emotions try to get the best of you. BJJ teaches you how to manage your emotions, even when under stress. It’s not always easy to stay calm. But the more you practice staying in control of your emotional reactions, the better you’ll get at staying calm and in control.

5. Practice Patience

BJJ also teaches you that some goals take time and patience to achieve. No matter how much you want something to happen right away, life doesn’t always work like that. Your training allows you to practice patience and take this lesson to other areas of your life.

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