Deal-with-Injury-Setbacks-Rolles-Gracie-AcademyThe best way to avoid an injury is with prevention. So you warm up, you stretch, you cool down, and you follow a well-structured plan. And yet somehow, you wind up sidelined by an injury.

Dealing with an injury is frustrating and discouraging. These negative feelings that tend to go with an injury can make the whole situation worse. Here are a few things you can try to counteract some of the negativity you experience while dealing with an injury:

1. Try something new.

When an injury prevents you from doing your activity of choice, take this opportunity to try something new. Try out an activity, like swimming or yoga, that you’ve always wanted to learn but have never had a chance.

If your injury takes you temporarily out of martial arts, then this also might be your opportunity to try something new that goes beyond a physical activity. You could learn a new language or take an online class.

2. Get treated.

If you play the waiting game and hope that your injury heals on its own, you may be delaying the recovery process. Ask around for a trusted doctor or therapist who is accepting new patients and get something booked.

Treatment by a professional means that you have someone to help you create a game plan. You’ll get trusted information on the things that you can and can’t do, suggestions for how to keep the recovery process moving along, and answers to questions you have about your injury.

3. Find a new outlet.

It’s okay to be frustrated when you’re dealing with an injury. If you pretend that you’re not frustrated and everything is fine, you are only lying to yourself, and that can make the negative emotions worse.

Make sure that you still have a way to let out your stress and negative thoughts. Grab some coffee and chat with a good friend, or set up a time to speak with your instructor. Some people have success with starting a journal and writing down how they work through the injury process. Or, try a meditation practice.

No matter what outlet you find, remember to stay focused on the things that you can control and be patient with the healing process. Do what you can to keep a positive outlook and remind yourself that your injury won’t last forever.

4. Keep setting goals.

Just because you’re injured doesn’t mean you have to pause all aspirations in your life. Set goals that are not related to your martial arts practice, or write down specific goals that focus on your recovery process.

If you are used to regularly achieving even small things, then continuing this goal-setting process can provide a sense of purpose. Remember to keep your injury in perspective. Avoid comparing who you are now to who you were before.

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