Martial-Arts-Skills-Kids-Can-Take-Back-to-School-Rolles-Gracie-AcademyKids who participate in martial arts get physical and mental benefits that carry over into their daily lives. In addition to being physically active and learning self-defense techniques, kids learn valuable life skills through martial arts.

The classroom is one of the places that these life skills transfer over to. Here are a few of the martial arts life skills that kids can take back to school this year:

1. Discipline

In a martial arts class, kids are expected to listen and pay attention to their instructor. Doing so helps them develop self-discipline and control over their actions. Teachers in the classroom have the same expectation. Listening to a teacher or instructor instead of talking to the student sitting next to them does take some practice, but it is a skill that kids can develop over time.

2. Focus

Kids who are focused can pay attention, listen, and respond appropriately. Martial arts classes allow kids to develop this skill, and it’s another one that’s useful in the classroom. Focusing in class can lead to better study habits and improved learning and understanding of the material.

3. Confidence

Martial arts helps kids develop confidence in their abilities. Kids learn that with practice and hard work they can learn new skills and successfully accomplish goals. Their belief in themselves increases, and they can take this confidence boost to other areas of their lives, like the classroom.

4. Social Skills

Martial arts helps kids develop social skills and create friendships with children from a variety of backgrounds. Kids learn how to respectfully interact with other kids, as well as their martial arts instructors. This environment can even help a shy child come out of their shell.

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