Managing-a-Bully-through-Martial-Arts-Rolles-Gracie-AcademyAs a result of being bullied, children may experience low self-esteem, anxiety, poor school performance, and even depression.

So, what can prevent the effects of bullying? You might consider enrolling your child in a martial arts program. The benefits of martial arts training are not just physical. Martial arts training strengthens a child’s mental and emotional health. It can help them feel more self-assured and confident handling anyone who is not treating them with respect.

Most martial arts schools don’t promote the use of violence. Students learn when it is appropriate to act and when to walk away. But if your child does need to defend himself, their martial arts skills will provide a level of safety and instinct if threatened.

Here are a few more ways that martial arts can help a child manage a bully:

  • Martial arts is training for the body as well as the mind. Kids can improve their focus and concentration.
  • Kids learn to value respect. The expectation is to respect their instructors, as well as their fellow students.
  • Martial arts can be a fun and productive way for kids to spend some of their free time.
  • Training and the development of skills increase self-esteem. Kids are more comfortable standing up for themselves.
  • Martial arts can provide kids with the skills to diffuse a situation or avoid a confrontation entirely.
  • Kids can meet students away from school and expand their social skills and circle of friends.

Martial arts may teach your child how to deal with a bully, but the training goes so much further than that. Children learn valuable lessons and values on the mat that become crucial life skills.

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