Set-a-Positive-Example-Through-Martial-Arts-Rolles-Gracie-AcademyStudents who participate in martial arts learn skills and character-building values that help them make a positive impact on others. And these skills help athletes and participants of all ages become positive role models in their communities.

Here are just a few of the ways that the lessons you learn through martial arts help you set a positive example to those around you:

1. Self-Confidence

Through martial arts training, the skills you learn and master over time help develop a strong belief in your abilities. Through committed and consistent practice, you come to understand that your martial arts skills and abilities don’t just happen to come from luck or chance. Instead, they’re the result of hard work, self-discipline, and persistence. Feeling confident in what you can do means you hold your head higher. The people around you start to notice a shift in how you present yourself. By growing your self-confidence through martial arts, you’re more likely to share your talents and ideas with others and set a positive example in your community.

2. Responsibility

Improvement in martial arts comes as a result of your effort and hard work. You get better because of how much you’re willing to put into each class. Taking responsibility for your martial arts journey and owning the learning process is a valuable lesson for all martial arts students. And it’s a lesson that applies to everyday life, as well. Demonstrating to others that you are accountable for your actions encourages those around you to practice a similar pattern in their own lives.

3. Integrity

Acting with integrity means treating those around you with honor and respect. No matter who you interact with or the specifics of a particular situation, a martial arts student who acts with integrity will always demonstrate honor and respect. And the more individuals who treat others this way, the stronger a community will become.

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