When you participate in martial arts, you get benefits from your training both on and off the mats. You learn self-defense while building resilience, self-discipline, and confidence.

Despite all the benefits that martial arts has to offer, it’s possible that at some point, your motivation to continue training will fall off. So what can you do when this happens?

Here are a few tips to stay motivated in your martial arts practice:

1. Work hard and have fun.

When you commit to a martial arts practice, you have to be patient with the process. Not only do you have to continue to show up and work hard, but you also have to enjoy your training. It’s tough to keep pursuing an activity when you don’t have fun doing it. But when you’re able to strike the right balance between hard work and enjoyment, you’re more likely to continue with the journey.


2. Set martial arts goals.

Creating a habit around showing up consistently for your martial arts classes is great. However, rather than showing up and following along with a class, you can boost your motivation if you also have some personal martial arts goals that you’re working towards. Goal-setting helps you stay invested in the training process and motivated to continue improving.

3. Balance training with recovery.

When you’re excited about your martial arts training, it’s easy to get yourself to class every week. To keep that level of excitement, make sure that you’re getting some good recovery time in between your training sessions. If your training to recovery ratio gets out of balance, it can lead to overtraining, boredom, or burnout. Making sure that you’re getting the proper rest after training can help maintain your motivation.

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