Why-Mind-Body-Awareness-Matters-Rolles-Gracie-AcademyThe relationship between mind and body matters because when we can strengthen this connection, it can positively affect your health and fitness, as well as your martial arts training.

The mind-body connection refers to how the brain and thoughts influence the body and its functions. Over time, the more you are in tune with how your body feels in the present moment, the more you can recognize what your body is telling you. For example, improving your mind-body awareness can help you notice signs of injury before they occur. Or, you’ll begin to pick up on the clues your body gives you when you need to push your body harder. And at other times, you’ll know when you need to back off and let your body recover.

Here are three ways you can strengthen your mind-body awareness both on and off the mat:

1. Meditation

Through regular meditation practice, you can develop a state of restful awareness. Meditation allows you to relax your body so that your mind can gain that deeper awareness of your thoughts and how they affect you throughout the day.

2. Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep benefits your body and your mind. Poor quality sleep has a negative effect on how you feel physically and mentally. Skimping on sleep also disrupts the connection and balance between your body and mind.

3. Training and Exercise

When you think about training and your martial arts practice, it’s easy to zero in on the physical elements. However, regular physical activity and movement also promote mental and emotional well-being. This means that every class and every workout you complete gives you the opportunity to improve mind-body awareness.

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